The ADR Solutions Group offers Early Case Assessment Programs, Presuit ADR Programs, Settlement Counsel Services, and Lawsuit Mediation Days.

1Early Case Assessment Programs

Triage Settlement of Liability Cases to Shrink Pending Inventories

  • Consulting services
  • Program design and development
  • Training
  • Early mediation convening
  • Project fee or hourly basis

2Presuit ADR Programs

Strategically Reduce New Lawsuit Volume

  • Expert program design and management
  • Highly efficient turn-key convening model
  • Expert mediator selection
  • Highly leveraged costs
  • Services offered on project, per matter and/or fixed fee basis

3Settlement Counsel Services

Expert Evaluation and Negotiation of Select Claims.

  • Liability and damages assessments
  • Skilled advocacy for resolution process
  • Expert negotiation services on most difficult exposures
  • 90 + percent success rate at convening mediations
  • Pre-suit Settlement rates usually exceed 80%

4Lawsuit Mediation Days

Advances Cases to Earlier Resolution.

  • Greatly reduces all mediation costs
  • Highly efficient turn-key convening model
  • Strategically reduces litigation volume and expense
  • Focuses defense efforts on cases that benefit from litigation
  • Fixed fee rates for services